Presidents Day Sale Campaign


As a designer at MattressFirm I was chosen to design our Presidents Day Sale campaign. This meant designing everything from the newsprint mailer that is sent to the public’s mailbox to the static and animated display ads. One of the main goals of this project was to keep the look and feel of the sale consistent in order to keep possible confusion to a minimum while other sales may have been running at the same time. 


Print Design, Web Design, POP Design, Marketing, Presentation, Social Media

Lead Designer

October 2019

Newsprint Mailer

I started this campaign by first designing the mailer that would be sent out the public. I wanted to start here because it was the easiest piece to get in front of all of my superiors. This is important for the cohesion of the team from the very beginning.

VZ Bed Inserts

These bed inserts are tags that go in our actual stores. They are placed on beds corresponding to the offer displayed as a way of helping the customer navigate our merchandise.


Bundle Stickers

For the stickers I went with two designs that feature one of our main colors as a way of gaining their attention in areas where our in store branding isn’t as present.


Door Clings

These pieces of POP are placed on the doors into our stores and are meant to greet the customer with some of our best offers immediately.

Store Window Posters

Our goal as a company for our posters is to gain attention from as far away as possible. These are some of the posters I designed in order to achieve that goal while still staying within our brand.

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