Here For Us COVID Campaign


The Here For Us concept was designed for the Washington Department of Health. They wanted a campaign aimed at dispelling information surrounding the COVID vaccine and the Black community. I wanted to focus on the facts of the vaccine by bringing them to the audience as opposed to telling them to do their research. Having a fact forward approach would decrease the room for misinterpretation or alternate facts to take hold. 

The color palette was chosen to relate to colors and imagery commonly found in the homes of my community/ The logo was designed to be straightforward, welcoming and caring.


Print Design, Web Design, Marketing, Presentation

Lead Designer

December 2021

Light Rail Ad

I provided this as a print option during the concepting stage. The brand takes on an informative first feel here as it leads with straightforward copy and includes a patterned syringe background.

Web Banners

These web banners show how the brand would translate to a digital space. Here we can include imagery to support the open dialogue tone of the campaign as well as greet the viewer with some facts upfront.

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